Special Sessions

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SS No. 1

Title: Nanotechnology
Topic of interest: This session aims to give participants the opportunity to exchange ideas about the use of Multiple-Valued Logic in the context of Nanotechnology, and especially Nanoelectronics and Nanocomputing.
Organizer: Ferdinand Peper, Senior Researcher,
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NiCT)
Nano ICT Group
Kobe, Japan

Sorin Cotofana, Associate Professor,
Delft University of Technology,
Fac. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science
Delft, The Netherlands

SS No. 2

Title: Clone Theory
Topic of interest: (Ordinary) clone theory, partial clone theory, hyperclone theory
Organizer: Hajime Machida
Hitotsubashi University

SS No. 3

Title: Fuzzy and Rough Sets Theory, and Their Applications
Topic of interest: It is well-known that fuzzy set theory plays an important role in soft computing and it is applying widely to knowledge engineering, artificial engineering, and pattern recognition etc. Further, rough set theory is also studied widely for many researchers and it is applying to many engineering fields such as decision making, data analysis, and KANSEI engineering etc. In this special session, we will discuss a recent trend on fuzzy theory and rough set theory and their applications.
Organizer: Noboru Takagi, Associate Professor, Ph.D
Department of Intelligent Systems Design Engineering
Toyama Prefectural University
Toyama, Japan

SS No. 4

Title: Emerging Device-Based Circuit for New-Paradigm VLSI Computing
Topic of interest: nonvolatile-device-based circuit technique, single electron-based circuit, MTJ device and its application, MVL-oriented circuit, and other novel device-based circuit for Multiple-Valued VLSI systems
Organizer: Takahiro Hanyu
Tohoku University

SS No. 5

Title: Medical/Health Care Systems based on Soft Computing
Topic of interest: Medical/Health Care systems are very important issue in QOL.  The mixture of pattern recognition and SC-aided expert system techniques lead to successful tasks. This Special session aims to encourage the fusion task of medical/health care system researchers and soft computing researchers.
Organizer: Yutaka HATA , & Syoji KOBASHI,
Graduate School of Engineering, University of Hyogo,
hata{at}eng.u-hyogo.ac.jp, kobashi{at}eng.u-hyogo.ac.jp