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  • My Name is Azlan.I was born in Pulau Pinang,Malaysia. Currently studying Electrical Engineering in Gunma University,Japan. I've been spending my whole college year in here. Very nice place though. By the way,this is my final year (maybe). I will do final year research in Yuminaka Lab. Hope,I will get through it. Plus, everyone in here is very 'yasashii' people.
  • I love watching movies,football,riding fixed gear bicycle,traveling,listen to music and I play guitar. I took photos as a hobby. It goes with my passion of travelling. As I travel,I take pictures. All the pictures that I've taken can be seen in my Flickr account.
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    06 APR - Today is the day. Lab starts!
    07 APR - First task,dealing with HTML
    08 APR - Starting over building up HTML for webpage
    09 APR - Had trouble with my HTML. Can't view properly using Firefox
    10 APR - Gone to 'Hanami'. It was a fine warm day. Lovely.
    11 APR - Having rest. It's Sunday thou. Played Soccer.
    12 APR - It's raining in the morning.
    13 APR - Dealing with new task -MOS Transistor. Need little study.


    Some of the pictures taken by me. Hope you enjoy..